Anastasia Soare finally in Romania

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It is a paradox the title of my article because I talk about a famous Romanian woman , famous around the world, but not so well known in her country even she could be an inspiration at least for half of the female Romanian population. Also it is a paradox that I write in English, but Anastasia it is a special story and I want that also people from other countries to have the possibility to read my thoughts. I would prefer to write in French, my favourite „writing” language, but let’s face it , English it is opening for this message much more areas of readers....anyhow I feel a little bit constraint, I have too much to say in a language that I rather use for business purposes than for my personal thoughts.

Who is Anastasia Soare? Just put in on Google and you will have thousands and thousands of articles, websites, etc. She is a woman who believed in the power of beauty even in the most difficult moments of her life, she used the image of the feminity and her skills as a woman and knew how to receive and to give the beauty. Since 4-5 years ago when I heard about her, I had a confirmation, you don’t have to show how powerful and strong you are as a woman by being all the time in line with other people expectations and showing your masculine side at maximum in order to be successful in your life and to feel good with yourself. Anastasia is a woman, a woman 100%. She left a comfortable status in Romania, she followed her husband in a country about she didn’t knew anything, not even the language, she finished a faculty, but she didn’t took it is as „ok, I am intellectual, I have to keep my hands only for signing documents” as it is the cliché in Romania if you have superior studies, she did what she knew to do the best : to offer beauty....and come on, this is an industry where they are a lot of people and which is not covering a high necessity of the consumer. In this world we need more bread and potatoes than going to a beauty salon.

Finally Anastasia opened in October her first salon in Romania, some days ago. I waited for this opening for so many years. I remember that I looked on her press declarations to see if she is announcing anything for Romania. I said to write an e-mail to her....but come on, this is a drop in the sea and I was too lazy to concentrate to write something. In the end I was happy enough to search on Google videos with her, about how she was demonstrating the art of eye brows, once I saw on TV an interview with her at home and I liked so much her bathroom with all what a woman needs to show her beauty. I imagined that her products are high expensive, because this name of „queen of eyebrows” and the location of Beverly Hills attached to her brand, but once, when I was in New York 2 years ago I saw some of her products in a beauty shop and I was thinking that maybe they are something else, maybe somebody else with the same name is producing it or this is an economy range done for the normal retail. Anyhow something stopped me to buy it and anyhow I realised that I will need some instructions in order to use them. In my head was confusion.

And....yesterday, Saturday, it was clear for me. I went in her salon in Bucharest, at Radisson Blue; it is maxim 10 minutes driving from my home. Thursday before I was there only to see it and to put my hands on her products. I liked everything, from the smell of this place, atmosphere, people. Nothing artificial. The staff is simply great without letting you that hypocrisy feeling that I have usually when I go in a beauty salon, which is happening so seldom because I prefer to do everything at home. Nicoleta was arranging my eyebrows and had an incredible patience to explain me everything. On Thursday,  the lady who is receiving the clients ( I’m ashamed that I forgot her name, I think that it is Maria) made me a tour of all products with again a lot of patience, not „pushing”me to buy anything how it is in other similar locations. Ok, this is marketing.....but I didn’t left this place with this feeling, at least Anastasia has a great marketing and customer care strategy that you don’t even notice it. She is like that, just a beautiful woman , but without that covered effort who is communicating „come on, look at me, I stayed 10 hours in front of my mirror and I spent 1000 euro to show like this today, come on, make me a compliment”. This is that thing that as customer care and customer research specialist I was looking all the time to put on the paper as a customer strategy and that I was formulating for my team all the time very short „ be a human before being a manager”, and this is available in all circumstances, with the subordinates, colleagues, superiors and customers. So again Anastasia confirmed me that no extra effort is needed for being what you like and what people likes. I liked very much how her stuff was mentioning her name, as Anastasia was in the office nearby, arranging an other customer and she could appear any moment very natural as the owner of a small shop who is all the time hanging around.

When I arrived home, looking me again and again in the mirror I said „ I would work for free as PR or CRM for Anastasia one month and I feel that I will learn how to be more human in this area than I was before”. I smiled and I felt my baby’s kickings, maybe he was saying to my „Mammy, this is a great idea, but first let me appear on this world”.

It was simply natural, a moment of beauty. Of course I want to repeat it.

More details for the customers in Romania on her website:

..and this is me, 30 minutes after leaving the salon.


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Am vazut-o si eu la Tv. pe Anastasia Soare.
E super. Chiar m-a impresionat.
Nicioadata nu m-as fi gandit ca dintr-un lucru atat de simplu la prima vedere (aranjatul sprancenelor)poti face o afacere care sa-ti aduca un profit foarte bun si o faima de invidiat.

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Crina , multumesc pentru comentariu. Fa-ti singura un cadou intr-o zi si programeaza-te acolo :).